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    Project 1: OpenGL

    Follow the next steps:

    1. Download slides about OpenGL.
    2. Visit the practicals website.
    3. Browse practicals from 1 to 3 on the website; help yourself if you would like to exercise.
    4. Send your project to the TA by e-mail; you only need to submit Practical 3 - Hierarchical modeling.
    5. Whenever you encounter problems, refer to the materials (slides & Website).

    What you need to hand in:

    • all of your code (, cylinder.obj,
    • a report about how you complete the tasks (in PDF, with images your program outputs)

    Grades (11' totally, 6' if you don't hand in a report):

    • basic exercises (7')
    • optional exercises (1' per exercise)
    • report (3')
    • bonus TA's appreciation (1')

    Project 2: Rendering

    Follow the next steps:

    1. Download the material (password: mqk7) about ray tracing.
    2. Download the description and read it carefully.
    3. Complete the project step by step.
    4. Send your project to the TA by e-mail; you only need to submit the report.


    • 按照完成任务的逻辑顺序,每个task分别撰写
    • 每个task之后均须插入该阶段对应的渲染截图(鼓励大家测试更多的场景)
    • 本次不要求提交源文件,一切重要的代码补充与改进需粘贴到报告中,并作必要的说明
    • 评分中的report部分仅指报告本身的质量,tasks部分完成情况也通过报告反映


    • Task 1 (60%)
    • Task 2 (30%)
    • Task 3 (20%)
    • Report (10%)

    Math Topic

    TopicTimeGroupSlides & Notes
    Geometry and Algebra02.27 孙奕灿、周子鑫、洪华敦、黄致焕、孙耀峰、叶珈宁 Download
    Least-Squares Solutions03.05 詹冠其、俞昊君、袁昊琦、许朋程、袁野、邵俊宁 Download
    PCA and SVD03.12 史梦芝、邓茵琳、翁伊嘉、秘玮晨、樊泽嘉、龚晨 Download
    Spectral Transform03.19 吴铭东、阮良旺、张若禹、郭永康、吴松隐、李沛卓 Download
    Solution of Linear Systems04.02 马龙、赵怡浩、许晟伟、张铎、许靖、程超然 Download
    Laplace and Poisson04.09 冉德智、于博涵、姚贺源、凌弘毅、颜开、陈洋 Download
    Curvatures04.16 魏智德、肖雨、徐瑞帆、颜珅、刘添翼、毕航睿 Download
    Dimensionality Reduction04.23 王宇萱、陈炤桦、赵云飞、魏安江、王星瀚、王恒屹 Download
    Scattered-Data Interpolation05.07 胡新宇、叶振涛、史百丰、李世成、张文涵、唐正纲 Download
    Topology05.14 刘恺博、陈铖、单俊杰、韩启申、杨晨阳、郑炜强 Download