Homework 1

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  • Project 1

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    Although the Toric space representation provides a lower dimensional manipulation of the virtual camera, the hypothesis is based on full visibility of both actors during the whole shooting process. However 3D scenes often contain complex geometries that prevent the full visibility of the characters. The very objective of the project is to propose a visibility-aware approach for camera control using the Toric Space with the help of recommended mathematical tools in the Unity3D environment.

    Download(code: izys)


    Project 2

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    Raytracing is a basic issue in visual effects but realizing such a project in good performance is not easy. Deal with lots of details in rendering and optimize the algorithm continually. This project will result in a deeper understanding of the rendering.

    Download(code: mqk7)



    Least-Squares Solutions11.19黄杨洋肖水生吴润迪薛犇Download
    PCA and SVD11.23吴润迪薛犇胡越予叶子博Download
    Dimensionality Reduction 11.26胡越予叶子博何昊吴士荀Download
    Blue Noise12.7何昊吴士荀倪星宇王牌Download
    Laplace and Possion12.10倪星宇王牌吴侃Download
    Solution of Linear Systems12.17吴侃黄杨洋肖水生Download
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